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Salad Niçoise Recipe

Salad Niçoise Anchovies goes well with the vegetables. It also goes well with wine. Pat dry the lettuce well with paper towels. I sometimes add...

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Delicious Beef Udon Recipe

Delicious Beef Udon Udon is great with slightly sweetly seasoned beef. I love leeks in Sukiyaki, so decided to try something similar. This a lunchtime...

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Locomoco Recipe

Locomoco Ground meat was cheap, so I tried this out. Please knead the ground meat very, very well. The vegetables used as topping can be...

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Korean-Style Salad Recipe

Korean-Style Salad I wanted to re-create the kind of salad they serve at Korean barbeque restaurants. The important thing is to massage the vegetables. If...

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Thai-Style Carrot Salad Recipe

Thai-Style Carrot Salad This is a simple variation of a nam chim (Thai dipping sauce), which usually uses coconut sugar, fish sauce, manao (a Thai...