The practice of soup of the dove that stew

The practice of soup of the dove that stew

Brief introduction

In old hot days, everybody’s appetite is not very good, and like to have cool thing particularly. But summer perspires much, using up is pretty is big actually, the vegetable that eats a few cold and dressed with sauce all the day perhaps drinks congee body also is be unable to stand, stew bit of Shang Lai to drink appropriately sometimes so drinking is compensatory body moisture, increase a kind of tweak of energy to oneself. But a lot of people fear summer,stew drank meeting get angry. Still did not choose actually to feeding capable person. For instance summer eats duck meat, or dove flesh pretty is good.
A lot of people think dove is hot sex, not be actually. Dove sex is smooth, still have the effect of clear hot detoxify instead, ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account columbine flesh has filling liver strong gas of kidney, beneficial enrichs the blood, clear hot detoxify, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. Modern medicine also thinks: Columbine flesh is strong filling god of vigor of body filling kidney, opportunity of survival, be good at head, increase memory, reduce blood pressure, adjust human body blood sugar, raise Yan Meirong, skin whiteness is delicate, prolong life.
The nutrient value of dove is extremely high, the delicate cate with rare since, it is advanced and nourishing beautiful is tasted. Columbine flesh is high protein, low adipose food, surpass other pork kind, what contain the indispensible and amino acid that there are a lot of human bodies in protein, and digestive absorptivity is in 95% , the adipose content of dove flesh is only 0.73% , under other flesh kind, it is the food of human ideal. Dove egg is called ” animal ginseng ” contain rich protein. Our country folk has ” one columbine the view that gets the better of 9 chicken ” .
Dove sex is smooth, so summer eats is won’t of suffer from excessive internal heat, but to be opposite the body has profit more, I joined honeysuckle, I want those who think of to this is a lot of people never have. Honeysuckle can be bought in the supermarket, use make tea to drink commonly at ordinary times, it also is Chinese traditional medicine, can fight bacterium and disease-resistant poison, fight heat of phlogistic, solution, still have the function that enhances immunity, so should dove of compose a quarrel is put together is perfect collocation simply. Honeysuckle has little pain, add medlar so, with among them sweet the suffering that can counteract it, let you drink have in the mouth cool and refreshing and slightly sweetish feeling, add the delicacy of dove soup, enjoyed taste not only, more important is nourishing still the body, let you enhance counteractive ability!

With expect 1 


Lean lean


Xianggu mushroom

Dried bamboo shoots

Use condiment of makings 2 ()

Cooking wine





The practice of soup of the dove that stew 

  1. The dove that buys is cleaned clean

  2. Put in the scald in boiled water, can the fishy smell of purify impurity and part

  3. The stripping and slicing after lean lean is cleaned clean also is resembled above in that way scald water

  4. Immerse beforehand good Xianggu mushroom and dried bamboo shoots

  5. Ginger is put after transferring dove in high-pressured boiler piece

  6. Also put Xianggu mushroom and dried bamboo shoots into high-pressured boiler

  7. Enter cooking wine

  8. Join lean lean

  9. Begin conflagration to be given out to high-pressured boiler attack this medium baking temperature burns 15 minutes after the sound of Chi. Shift pot of pottery and porcelain again next in

  10. It is OK to put small fire of honeysuckle and medlar to be stewed slow 20 minutes. Add salt to flavor finally

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