The practice of soup of mushroom of miscellaneous bone bacterium

The practice of soup of mushroom of miscellaneous bone bacterium

Brief introduction

Soup of mushroom of miscellaneous bone bacterium, put inside a few American ginseng and medlar, american ginseng filling gas raises shade, medlar is nourishing liver kidney, increase is sharp eye. Ferial the boiling water that drinks fungus more, can give the body effectively platoon poison, clear intestines and stomach.

With makings 

Miscellaneous bone

Bacterium stay of proceedings

American ginseng





Number piece

Green knot


Cooking wine

A few


A few

In vain pepper

A few

The practice of soup of mushroom of miscellaneous bone bacterium 

  1. Miscellaneous bone is rinsed clean with water, ampling water

  2. Had ampled the miscellaneous bone fish out of water is rinsed clean with going from place to place water

  3. Enamel of double STAUB establishing a person is cast-iron boiler, empty boiler small fire heats two minutes

  4. Ample in crossing the miscellaneous bone of water to put bowl, enter the water of sufficient capacity, put knot of Jiang Pian, green, cooking wine and American ginseng, small fire turns after medium baking temperature is boiled, the cap on the lid stews half hour to control

  5. Take the advantage of the space that bone boiling water is warming in boiler, handle bacterium stay of proceedings. The bubble in brine is put ten minutes after washing bacterium mushroom clean, again fish out drop does moisture. Big bacterium stay of proceedings cuts small to reserve

  6. What miscellaneous bone soup stews in boiler is about the same, open a lid, put bacterium stay of proceedings and medlar into boiler, the cap on the lid continues to stew half hours or so, add salt and white pepper to flavor, scatter on chopped green onion is OK

Small stick person

Soup of 1. bone Bao must ample beforehand water, because water of blood of bone ahead face is more, the dirty thing that the character with ampling good water wants to rinse clean surface with water again Bao soup, the Shang Gan that such Bao come out does not have peculiar smell completely.

2. boils the bone of soup, if be miscellaneous bone, the soup that comes out because of Bao is more relaxed, so general I can deserve to go up bacterium stay of proceedings kind; If be pig canister bone, the soup that Bao comes out is oilier, I can deserve to go up of turnip and so on, the turnip can absorb the oily share in one part soup, what soup won’t show is too fat, the oily portion mouthfeel that the turnip absorbed Shang Li is first-rate also.

The bacterium stay of proceedings of 3. Bao soup, can match freely, but do not suggest to choose straw mushroom, Xianggu mushroom these bacterium stay of proceedings that can affect Shang Se. (with straw mushroom, shang Hui of Xianggu mushroom Bao makes the darken of soup)

4. bacterium stay of proceedings kind redemptive hind, remember using clear water first abluent, after in putting salt solution again, immersing resumptive make food.

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