The practice of soup of laver tomato Chinese cabbage

The practice of soup of laver tomato Chinese cabbage

Brief introduction

Meaning of so simple dawdler soup it may not be a bad idea founds cookbook baa have the nerve ╮ of baa ~ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ does not have method, who lets first time of human relations home have the boiling water that takes in disorder to this, did not think of very bright happiness eats! ! Delicious thing wants to share! ! Want to bit of vegetable what eat very much namely actually, do not think the fried dish is so oily again, take some things in the home boiled one boiler boiling water, with stuff is extremely simple, delicious however good drink! Tool also with respect to a boiler with respect to OK, the dawdler soup of be worthy of the name is breathed out. Feeling this tomato is the key that Shang Hao takes, greengrocer recommended yesterday, saying is the dish tomato that just appears on the market, as expected red red acerbity acerbity juice is much!

With makings 

Chinese cabbage

A few







The practice of soup of laver tomato Chinese cabbage 

  1. Because be dawdler soup, put oil in this stainless steel boiler directly, put olive oil and rape oil, this optional

  2. Small fire puts Jiang Pian stir-fry before stewing, put the tomato of stripping and slicing, dial with the chopstick directly pull break up fry a few times put Chinese cabbage, add salt

  3. Dial with the chopstick pull break up fry a few times pour water to go in, boil directly,

  4. Wait for Chinese cabbage squashy soft put laver, put chopped green onion finally, dial chopped green onion again in hot boiling water it be pulled a few times is OK to be pulled a few times have pot Hahahaha

Small stick person

Simple ah simple, dawdler is necessary! ∩ of O(∩ _ ) O. Do not love basically now to put gallinaceous essence gourmet powder of what, do not put actually affect far from, build laver of tomato Chinese cabbage together for the first time, taste still is pretty good drop!

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