The practice of soup of chop of wax gourd corn

The practice of soup of chop of wax gourd corn

Brief introduction

Our target is: Embellish wanting water does not want ~ of oedema ~ ~
Wax gourd has the effect of diuresis disappear oedema, this everybody knows the likelihood. Think complement says is, wax gourd and corn also are the good helper of thin body, reduce weight period MM people also can be at ease stew this Shang Lai boldly to drink

With makings 



Wax gourd


In vain vinegar



Chopped green onion

The practice of soup of chop of wax gourd corn 

  1. Chop is abluent with clear leach bubble half hour is controlled

  2. Put inside the stockpot put oil less, issue Jiang Pian, chop is fried slightly

  3. One-time add full amount clear water, drop a few white vinegar

  4. Small fire turns to be stewed slow 2 hours or so after big baked wheaten cake leaves

  5. Issue corn, wax gourd piece, transfer into salt flavors, boil 15 minutes or so again

  6. Increase pepper season, scatter a few chopped green onion can

Small stick person

The metropolis when stew of the Han people fries Laowu to be stewed again first, if you disrelish a trouble, that immerses and fried this one pace to be saved, direct scald water.

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