The practice of soup of acerbity turnip old duck

The practice of soup of acerbity turnip old duck

Brief introduction

Great Heat is a year in the hottest when, be right now ” the second of the three ten-day periods of the hot season ” around, gas Hou is burning hot rainy, the clip that belong to heat is wet, make person taste suffers the most easily tired, inappetence. Need more at that time accordingly a few delicate, tepid, fat nevertheless nutrition material comes ” Qing Dynasty fills ” . And right now, old duck is at this moment optimum cordial.
Because its live in water all the year round, the gender slants cool, the heat of fatigue of this world of the five internal organs having grow, clear empty, enrich the blood a water, effect that raises a stomach to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid. Folk also has ” Great Heat old duck gets the better of invigorator ” view. Old duck is stewed lotus lotus root, wax gourd can be joined when feeding, gram, the edible of soup of the Bao that feed capable person such as lily, can clear hotly, disappear irritated thirsty. Tie-in Gorgon fruit, Job’s tears benevolence is the same as stew criterion can be good at lienal change wet, stomachic.
In addition, burning hot summer can eat a few hot food appropriately, these acrimony content include: Green, ginger, garlic, chinese prickly ash, peppery, aniseed, dried tangerine or orange peel, chili, not only can stomachic, help aid digestion, still can promote a sweat, increase the cool intimacy of the body.
The acid collect that what be worth to recommend most right now is Sichuan predicts old duck soup, in the acerbity Luo Bo of a few months of the souse in old a raised lot of land for planting flowers, flavour is extremely beautiful; Catch gold-rimmed small jujube, black agaric, feral Gan Sun, 29 spend stay of proceedings greatly, soup bottom uses Chinese prickly ash and big onion to explode first sweet, put old duck to explode again fry, the smallest internal heat is used after be being boiled slowly stew on 3 hours, final Shang Secheng is bright, slightly there is filar silk Xian Tian in acidity, appetite is big, cannot help drinking a bowl more.

With makings 

Often duck

Half only

Acid collect predicts bubble of Sichuan old a raised lot of land for planting flowers

6 small piece

Black wood ear

Feral dry bamboo shoot

Spend stay of proceedings



Black peppery

Chinese prickly ash

Big onion

Ginger piece

The practice of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 

  1. The acerbity Luo Bo of old a raised lot of land for planting flowers that oneself does must shift to an earlier date a month puts Luo Bo into pickle water, nitrite of 20 Queen of heaven disappear almost, must choose the pickle that be at ease so, industrialization of rife of Luo Bo of pickle of city carry out learns preparation, do not suggest to buy

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 1

  2. Boiler enters oil, put 10 Chinese prickly ash, head of green Chinese onion, jiang Pian explodes sweet

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 2

  3. Put duck piece to continue to explode fry. (if be afraid of fishy smell can iron old duck quick-boil go raw meat or fish, because choose fresh feed material to omit so this one pace)

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 3

  4. When duck piece fries a skin constrictive, colour and lustre is small yellow, can join soup-stock or rinse, join gold-rimmed jujube at the same time, black agaric, spend stay of proceedings, gan Sun

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 4

  5. After conflagration is boiled, inside the Bao boiler that enters deep mouth, after conflagration boil, turn small fire slowly Bao

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 5

  6. Half old duck probably Bao is controlled 2 times partly, duck flesh is basic ripe, put acerbity Luo Bo again at that time, bubble any of several hot spice plants is OK, the quantity is not too much

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 6

  7. Put trailing plants to continue no longer Bao half hour, when after tasty, join right amount pepper

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 7

  8. Those who judge duck flesh is ripe sodden, enter duck leg with chopstick jab, want to be able to be inserted very easily only, can close fire to enjoy

    The practice measure of soup of acerbity turnip old duck 8

Small stick person

Choose of makings exquisite: Old duck soup should have been done, the option that feeds capable person is very important. There often is teal to act as on market now the phenomenon that old duck sells, pardonable also a jin of price differs 7. , 8 yuan, come down to be able to sell more only a few yuan, sharpen one’s eyes is very so important! The old duck that should choose above one year above all, share mom to once had taught a few my small doohickey.
Does 1. see wool lubricious: ? Does pace of the wild  that carry  hold  of a unit of length of  of bead of earth of shallow S of  of  of aid of Mei harmonious saliva does chalk of  Bo barren add Ti  Tun depend on Qu?
2. feels: Duck mouth and breastbone. The department of mouth carapace root of old duck is stronger, breastbone is felt hard also, tender duck is contrary. If be the duck that puts delicacy on the ice, can see brisket, brisket is very thick very saturate is old duck.
3. sees crural color and crude rate. The crural skin of old duck is coarse, show deep yellow; The crural color of tender duck is light yellow, not thick thick crural skin.
Deal of 4. weigh in hand. Old duck is in commonly 3, 4 jins of above, still have even heavier, tender duck is general build is small, lighter also.
Additionally acerbity turnip also has exquisite: Best him choice is old the bubble in acerbity jar the turnip of above of a month, the practice asks referenced Sichuan pickle.
If feel acerbity Luo Bo bubble is long the last taste of soup of too salty influence, can boil Luo Bo reentry with boiling water inside old duck soup.

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