The practice of oaten biscuit

The practice of oaten biscuit

Brief introduction

With oaten the is full of nutrition and energy biscuit that is bases, mouthfeel very crisp! Small a biscuit not only nutrition is rich, still can add full abdomen touch effectively, at 45 o’clock afternoon when eat on one, can help that the hungriest hour before you spend dinner.
Most those who recommend, it is on the belt when going out to travel one packet, it can be you complement all the way the companionate ~ with best energy

With makings 

Low muscle flour

75 overcome

Hurry up ripe oatmeal

50 overcome

Fine saccharic

20 overcome

Brown sugar

20 overcome

Shredded coconut stuffing

25 overcome


60 overcome

Corn syrup

15 overcome

Sodium bicarbonate

1/4 is small spoon (1.25ml)

The practice of oaten biscuit 

  1. Oatmeal, will fine saccharic, brown sugar, shredded coconut stuffing puts big bowl in

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 1

  2. Big bowl also is sifted after low muscle flour and saleratus mix in, the pink sift out hind kind wait to mix completely with oatmeal, shredded coconut stuffing even

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 2

  3. Butter cuts small to add thermosol to change liquid state

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 3

  4. Enter corn syrup butter in, mix is even. Without corn syrup, can replace with honey

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 4

  5. The drying material that has mixed the 2nd pace enters butter syrup in

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 5

  6. Mix with ladle divide evenly, become biscuit panada. Panada may work quite, submit inattentive form

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 6

  7. Bake dish of upper berth to bake dish of paper. Catch a small panada with the hand, hold forcibly orb, again squash, put in bake dish on

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 7

  8. Dough of will all biscuit plastic is good put in bake dish after going up, will bake dish put warm-up good suffer from excessive internal heat 170 ℃ , next fire the oven middle-level of 150 ℃ , bake 15 minutes or so, to the surface deep gold yellow is taken out (oven model is used to be long emperor CKTF-30GS in the recipe, can be in charge of independence in order to fluctuate to accuse lukewarm. If your oven fluctuates,fire cannot adjust alone temperature, can set temperature for fluctuation fire 160 ℃ , and bake dish of upgrade to put)

    The practice measure of oaten biscuit 8

Small stick person

1, oaten have very tall nutrition not only, have the effect of tall full abdomen at the same time, edible is oaten add full abdomen touch, can avoid to eat too much to absorb exorbitant quantity of heat. Fast oatmeal is the product after oaten treatment, show flat a shape, be in average supermarket to be able to be bought.
2, after this dough has mixed, may work quite, look more inattentive, this is normal, hold when orbing, let it become a group forcibly a little, again gently squash is OK.
3, the temperature that adjusts bake according to take into consideration the circumstances of oneself oven circumstance please and time. Biscuit should be baked fully, the ability after refrigeration is met crisp, also should notice to lest mouthfeel sends suffering,had been not baked.

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