The practice of longan quail soup

The practice of longan quail soup

Brief introduction

Weather is damp all the time and gloomy and cold, rain every day into after autumn oneself. It is to had not seen so lachrymose day really! The tide in the home grows dawdle mildewily, this aggravating Mediterranean climate! Because had fungus infection of hand or foot,perhaps be, make the person feels more cold, one cold cold arrived in bone. I all day Duo shiver Suo, still shed two clear drivel from time to time. So cold weather, let me remember warm old fire boiling water.
Guangdong damp and hot, climate does not raise a person, live for a long time hot poison, damp invades a body unavoidable, and old fire boiling water is to come from what manage at medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to feed filling effective prescription actually. People habit drinks body of Shang Laizi take a tonic to build up health, resist harsh climate, then soup of old fire Bao is the one big characteristic of dish of another name for Guangdong Province. The deflection of old fire boiling water in the winter is lukewarm fill, summer is relatively delicate. Arrive as a child big, bowl of old fire boiling water was drunk to already became a custom before dinner. After the abdomen below soup, appetite nature decreased. The MM because of this Guangdong mostly slender and thin, this and drinking soup not to have nothing to do all the year round is. Drinking boiling water is the angle from preserve one’s health or thin body will look without giving thought to, benefit is more than fraud. Although will from time to time the expert appeals next, say old fire Shang Jiu is boiled do not have nutrition, those have the MM that drinks soup habit for a long time by the side of be a good fit people complexion is ruddy, the skin is bright and clean it is the fact that does not dispute however. Boiling water of old nevertheless fire is not everybody really suit, hypertensive patient, gouty patient and diabetic should be isolated from with old fire boiling water.
The traditional generation that drinks boiling water passes generation, to later one bowl sees the part that seems ordinary old fire boiling water to already including preserve one’s health only, still bringing strong tender feeling. The person that has seen harbor play knows, the mom in play always say before family goes out: Remember coming back to drink boiling water in the evening. Even if dinner time is driven,do not come back, should stay to wait after coming home tepid drink again. If connected the home to be not answered really, good with respect to Bao Shang Fang sends personally again into the thermos flask, old fire boiling water is the incorporate of love here. I grow in soup of this kind of love. Without giving thought to outer what to eat, much evening comes home, mom always leaves water of soup of a bowl of love to me. The evening of high school times studies by oneself in scheduled time, major classmate is in school solve dinner, finished class 9:10, every day reeky love soup is receiving us on domestic dining table, the broken bits that carry boiling water drinks even boiling water abdomen together, nutrition is worn our body, warm our heart. Then, in softhearted soup water bubble is worn grown we, alone outer life is long, often most of the yearning is the mom in the home ” love Shang Shui ” .
Alone outer hind, oneself solve dress warmly and ear one’s fill, also begin to learning him Bao soup gradually. Times of student studying abroad, even if the homework is again busy, also vacate time Bao soup to be drunk to oneself certainly, especially when physiology period comes, a bowl of hot boiling water lays gut, warm immediately toe head, the ability with the body and cold keep out can increase. Before going abroad, bought designedly cook the electric rice cooker with Bao amphibious soup, after answering a dormitory to eat lunch midday, had washed material rapidly had cut, put into electric rice cooker, need not see fire, wait to classes are over afternoon come home, the nutrient soup with one reeky boiler is in waiting for me. And Bao soup masters not hard, want to pick pair of material only, handling a process is not too unusual, the result that come out can have a model have kind. Bao of one boiler hot boiling water is good in those days, the Chinese classmate that controls next door deal out every time, let everybody can experience wide form ” love soup water ” warm.
With grimalkin together hind, not the grimalkin of know all about the goods always ate soup broken bits at the beginning, shang Que falls, it is to let a person catch really mad. The most depressed is, it is good that the Shang Hai that he feels to spend idea Bao to come out is inferior to the gourmet powder dumpling in convenient cover drink. I capture a French to like later ” natural ” psychology, often teach him, this is to be boiled attentively come out, the inner tube that feed capable person comes out all flavour, hundred natural, without add other ingredient element, with the dumpling in convenient cover not be a grade, gradually, he drinks boiling water darlingly also, also did not pour boiling water into the toilet again. Nowadays he also from time to time by mine ” love Shang Shui ” moist, want to change his food to be used to nevertheless, let him become with us this kind drinks the person with grown soup to love to drink boiling water euqally as a child, that is impossible almost. Later, I am flat when boiling noodles in soup, with this kind of nourishing old fire boiling water makes soup copy, not only make common noodles in soup more outstanding, the grimalkin that also lets do not have the habit that drink boiling water eats with pleasure, drink boiling water not remnant.
Can drink on one bowl of good boiling water, to us this is planted is a work that does not pass the most happily for the person with the old bubble in Shang Shui. This kind of happiness by ordinary, simple and easy comprise with love, without overmuch flowery, need not spend too much money. If you also love to drink boiling water, like way of this kind of preserve one’s health, the hope has bright and clean and ruddy skin, think the love be in harmony you loves at you bringing in Shang Shui with the person that loves you, when be free, might as well try, the happy brigade that begins you!

With makings 


1 small


2 only

Red jujube


Candied date or jujube





(call yam again) number piece


Right amount

Lotus seed

1 small


1 small

Ganyao column


Small fish is dry

A few


One root

Ginger silk

A certain number of


Gallinaceous essence

The practice of longan quail soup 

  1. Red jujube is abluent go nucleus, material of other Chinese traditional medicine rushs slightly with water, carrot flay stripping and slicing

  2. After quail is put into boiling water syncopation to boil, scoop, with going hematic water reachs the flavour of cold storage

  3. Heat one boiler water, put in all stuff after water is boiling, boil 20 minutes with conflagration boil first, small fire is slow in converting again boil 23 hour can, right amount salt and gallinaceous fine are imposed when eating

Small stick person

1. disrelishs troublesome dawdler to need not use hematic water, boil quail and other data together directly
2. Jia Yaozhu and small fish work for soup more delicious, do not have some to need not be put; Adding carrot is for soup more Xian Tian, conditional still can cut a few paragraphs of corn to go in to be boiled together
3. can add a lean lean to be boiled together a gust is much better

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