The practice of decoct stew small carrot

The practice of decoct stew small carrot

Brief introduction

There is oven in the home, the bakes small carrot prescription that gets on the website so changed! Use half fry in shallow oil with pan the means of half stew small carrot decoct became ripe! Mix outside inside it is two kinds of different mouthfeel! Very successful!

With makings 

Xiao carrot

Olive oil


Black peppery

The practice of decoct stew small carrot 

  1. Small carrot is abluent half-and-half cleavages

  2. A few olive oil is put in pan small fire ~ puts small carrot inside decoct, add the water of smaller part bowl at the same time, stew of the cap on rapid lid

  3. Stew after 34 minutes, the water in boiler also closes worked, open boiler to build, scatter on salt and black peppery continue decoct

  4. Face ~ breaks up in the process of decoct two sides some fade of decoct, boiler can go out when some are anxious!

    The practice measure of decoct stew small carrot 4

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