The practice of corn ham bowel

The practice of corn ham bowel

Brief introduction

Dish of quick worker of the daily life of a family!
Summer eats very tastily a dish, bare-handed eliminate one grail to be without  ̄ of ~(of a kind of pear grown in Hebei Province (エ )  ̄ ) ノ よ ー

With makings 

Fruit corn

One root

Ham bowel

Two root

The practice of corn ham bowel 

  1. First corn denude of a bead comes, heat one boiler water at the same time, ham bowel cuts man;

  2. Fall corn bead the scald in boiler to 8 maturity, take out air cool;

  3. Cold boiler heats up oil, put ham man stir-fry before stewing is ripe, break up into corn bead again fry 2 minutes, outfit giving boiler dish. (can join right amount flavoring according to individual taste, I was not put, because ham bowel itself has saline taste, fruit corn also is very clear say sweetly)

Small stick person

Must use fruit corn gift is nice second! ! !

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