The practice of carrot sponge cake

The practice of carrot sponge cake

Brief introduction

Want to make a carrot cake, but look kiss in next kitchens people those who do is similar pound cake, contain much oil, march to small fat group from slender bound occasionally recently, feel terrified ah! Had tried twice, first time concern put carrot meeting need bubble, added bubble to call pink and sodium bicarbonate, because water portion is more also, make air hole very big, and too water embellish, the feeling follows the brother that steamed sponge cake is one mother sister! Did not add bubble the 2nd times to call pink and sodium bicarbonate, the sponge cake that makes is very marvellous, it is easy in that way that when baking, Qi Feng won’t resemble craze, also compare common sponge cake a bit wetter, not choke mouth! Bake the color that come out more golden! Carrot was added to let cake inside cake more coarse food grain some! (the quantity that this prescription is 6 very little cake)

With makings 

Low pink



3 (every make an appointment with 50g)

White sugar


Carrot mud


Corn oil


The practice of carrot sponge cake 

  1. Lay the egg in the basin that lay an egg, join all saccharic, hit with dynamoelectric eggbeater mention the head that lay an egg, the rate that egg paste falls is very slow, till grain won’t disappear!

  2. Low pink sift out, fall in the egg paste that has dismissed, insert drawknife egg basin in the middle of heart, carry from bottom upgrade, paste letting an egg falls freely, behavioral light delay, next left hand turns at the same time the basin that lay an egg, the right hand repeats this act! You visualize this action is to filling a meal, paper the egg only fill breath out in the bowl, I had tried this method a lot of times, won’t disappear bubble!

  3. Carrot flay, next wear mud, the attention is mud, not be broken carrot, because carrot mud can have water portion separate out to come!

    The practice measure of carrot sponge cake 3

  4. Add Zhang Long of carrot mud magical, as long as above back and forth rub becomes mud

    The practice measure of carrot sponge cake 4

  5. Corn oil will be entered in carrot mud, after mixing, heat tepid! The hand feels tepid, trashy thermometer is measured.

  6. Paper the egg 1/3 in pouring carrot mud, break up mix even. In pouring the paste that answer an egg again, break up with what say before me mix gimmick mixes even, need not worry about disappear bubble, break up more mix, gimmick is gentle can! Fall into the mould next, light shake a few!

    The practice measure of carrot sponge cake 6

  7. Oven warm-up 170 degrees, next fire on lower level bake 30 minutes! The oven that uses now as a result of me is small, midway should build tinfoil to prevent chromatically too deep, if oven is very big for example 52 litres need not worry about this problem! After been bake, buckle, cool again drawing of patterns!

    The practice measure of carrot sponge cake 7

Small stick person

1, do sponge cake to use entire egg for the most part, the egg wants room temperature and below saucer hot water dismisses. Do not cross my egg or take out in freezer, dismiss directly, room temperature is controlled in 15 degrees at that time. For kissing people referenced!
2, when making sponge cake for the most part, grease mixes to want to be added seemingly tepid, I take this one step did, if which kiss not to heat also won’t disappear bubble can inform me Oh!

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