The practice of carrot flummery

The practice of carrot flummery

With makings 


One root

Completely egg

2 only


150 overcome


30 overcome

The practice of carrot flummery 

  1. Juicer extracts carrot into juice (juice broken bits is detached the sort of) , join milk and white sugar agitate to melt to white sugar

  2. Milk carrot is joined after entire egg break up the mix in juice is even

  3. sift out of afore-mentioned egg grandma fluid the egg foam that two take out did not make divide evenly, bake the flummery mouthfeel that come out to just be met so Hua Shuang, without bleb

  4. Flummery fluid falls into the bowl that bake, install 8 minutes full, lie between water to bake bake

  5. Bake bake: Warm-up 150 degrees, anger leaves 30 minutes on middle-level

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