The practice of carrot biscuit

The practice of carrot biscuit

Brief introduction

After bread machine is moved, all ages uses up immobile flour saw an end a few days unexpectedly, do not satisfy those who make at biscuit mechanism to say department, because be in after all,do not have an advantage, and its advantage is replacing you to knead dough at can having King Kong Bobby, present face charter flight still has besides ferment function, throw stuff into the bravery inside bread machine to be able to set his mind at to brush small gain, wait for two hour hind, a perfect dough has appeared before you. Want to undertake 2 times developing innovation again only, brush the fluid that nod an egg again, can bake biscuit surface a beautiful burnish. Because be to be done for the first time,so this biscuit modelling is defeat really, taste is fortunately good still, important is, eat carrot biscuit to still carrot juice is drunk.

With makings 









Carrot broken bits




Egg fluid (brush biscuit face with)


The practice of carrot biscuit 

  1. Put all stuff into the bravery inside bread machine, according to milk, flour, candy, egg, butter, yeasty order.

  2. Of actuate bread machine knead dough ferment function (ask sufficient interest of the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches without bread machine exert all one’s strength beat knead hold! Pull muscle film to dough till)

  3. Dough is taken out after two hours, knead air, according to favorite appearance modelling

  4. Good modelling dough builds the wet towel that goes up clean, continue to ferment 2 times in the environment of 40 ℃ above 20 minutes.

  5. Oven warm-up 180 ℃ , fluctuation fire bakes 10 minutes, take brush on egg fluid, continue to bake 5 minutes chromatically can.

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