Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice

Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice

Brief introduction

Because of spy eats taro Zuo is in his Zuo , think of Zuo affection Jian , so decides of him hand to make. reflected the prescription on Jin , Jian fruit breaks ! Billow Zuo the cassava pink that him from a great distance carries , one whole feels distressed regretful , Mo child fast regret became green ~

Be forced Zuo Cheng appeals Jian of old younger sister I look for the prescription ~ with authentic in domestic Zuo

Zuo one, succeeded! Zuo is maneuverable! !
The ~ of of that flavour that is a Zuo

Methodological Ha , but Zha must look certainly Xiao the of Zuo person strongs and pervasive fragrance remind ~

With makings 

Violet potato or Ji potato

Taro Zuo


Cassava pink (pachyrhizus pink)

Corn pink

Need one Zuo Zuo to make a hand only pink is used

Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice 

  1. Evaporate of violet potato, Ji potato, pumpkin is ripe, break with broach one by one mud.

    Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice measure 1

  2. Take the advantage of , each material of the Jian that divide joins cassava pink to mix, in Zuo Cheng, want one Zuo of one Zuo to add pink, one Zuo of one Zuo is kneaded.
    Most it is OK that after Zhu is become knead is not sticky the of the hand, rub becomes the after of to cut .

    If want cold storage or cold to save, asperse some of corn pink or cassava pink to be in the surface, lest Jian .

    Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice measure 2

  3. Zuo is settleclear settleclear taro , of is the pachyrhizus having of stage , sweet what enters is Jin beans . Photograph of Jin of Zuo Zuo Jin is accompanied, delicious good-looking!

    Taiwan taro is round (authentic edition) practice measure 3

Small stick person

1, the 30 ~ of scale Ji of cassava pink and violet potato, Ji potato 45% . If violet potato evaporate gives ,be Zha it is 100g, that uses the cassava noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that Ji 30g controls to 45g.

2, cassava pink is more, mouthfeel jumps over tooth, like that the flavour of violet potato and Ji potato loses with respect to .

3, the course of action of taro Zuo also is the same as. But because of Zuo of taro Zuo male, the Zuo that adding pink so can add boiling water a little in Cheng, aids knead to become . Want one Zuo Zuo to add, urgent ~

4, Zuo of after of pumpkin evaporate Zuo very , Zuo of Jian second and friend build Zhu , before pumpkin evaporate ripe after is used, fry with the Xian Qian that fry Zuo first stop water, again of taro, mouthfeel is optimal. no used the noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch with much Zuo , Zuo at Q.

5, Zha not cassava pink adds material again with after of Zuo of to hydrate, sticky hand Zuo breaks rate is high!

6, is in and powdery is awaited add candy, increases material to spend, Zuo increases pink to measure shadow Zuo mouthfeel. Because of this candy pink mixes,be like with not , because candy melts,boil the taro that go out is unripe empty, comes loose Zuo .

7, the method of of the taro that boil: Water after just issues taro , mix with of ladle Zuo Zuo below , Zuo of not sticky Zuo divides Zhu taro Zuo , the taro float such as water after removes after, boil 1 minute again Zuo but the method that Cheng of Zuo of the ~ since follows Zuo of the water that boil is same. Sweet has been boiled additionally first, join the taro that has boiled again sweet , can feed ~ is cold, the delicious ~ of

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