Sweet the practice that corn fries small Yuanxiao

Sweet the practice that corn fries small Yuanxiao

Brief introduction

Sweet a dish that corn fries small Yuanxiao to love to eat as a child was done today did not find cookbook to upload unexpectedly so I build a cookbook this is to error really a simple dish who does do to succeed who does eat to like

With makings 

Sweet in corn supermarket sweet corn can

One canister perhaps half canister

Small Yuanxiao supermarket the in bags in refrigerant ark

A bowl small the left and right sides

Salt need not be added


Sweet the practice that corn fries small Yuanxiao 

  1. Boiled water expresses on float of Yuanxiao of ganef of the Xiaoyuan that boil ripe fill come out to cross oil of a few of one transfer to a lower level to mix with cold water prevent Yuanxiao to be stuck together

  2. Put in boiler a few oilcan head is sweet corn is put in after be being fried a few times, put into the small Yuanxiao that has boiled to fry heat to like together sweet of glutinous taste what need not add salt to fill exit to feel heavy directly is OK put little

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