Rice of the chicken that do not have oil is spent (the practice of KFC-style Chicken Popcorn)

Rice of the chicken that do not have oil is spent (the practice of KFC-style Chicken Popcorn)

Brief introduction

Pigeon breast flesh is to eat keck really! Rebuke the young is changed accordingly so have a way, abstain the gallinaceous rice flower that does not have oil, crackling and tender tender chicken, the most important is, without the feeling that suffer a pain!
Still just come from Fit Men Cook formerly, undertook modification according to real operation.
Tell your bud a little secret secretly, want more delicious more crackling, the cornmeal that uses crunch replaces biscuit branny, if do not mind the ~ of quantity of heat of cornmeal

With makings 

Gallinaceous brisket

1.5 piece




Biscuit branny (or cornmeal)

I like that ~ that Doritos blue packs


Black peppery

Rice of the chicken that do not have oil is spent (the practice of KFC-style Chicken Popcorn) 

  1. Pigeon breast flesh is washed clean, take out is adipose part, stripping and slicing, probably diameter 1 to 2 centimeters piece. Scatter on salt and black peppery souse half hours. If have other favorite condiment can be added together.

  2. Souse when prepare other part, 3 bowls, one installs egg fluid, one packs flour, biscuit of an outfit parched is branny. (the attention is little stick person! )

  3. Good souse chicken brisket together wrap flour, dip egg fluid, stick above the bag is branny. Put those who was in to spread oilpaper to bake dish on.

  4. Oven warm-up 200 degrees, bake about 12 minutes.
    (former square 215 degrees bake 15 minutes)

  5. Take check to look up, press flower of the rice that press chicken gently, if inside soft still soft is to do not have ripe, ripe can leave eat ~

  6. Cornmeal is long such, other sign also goes, not be breakfast bubble milk the sort of

    Rice of the chicken that do not have oil is spent (the practice measure of KFC-style Chicken Popcorn) 6

Small stick person

What 1. just uses formerly is Wheat Panko Crumbs, I am not clear that what this is, can use common biscuit nevertheless branny replace, the loaf that buys commonly is branny be white, although roast the effect that also cannot make color is close to scamper to pass, so need is fried beforehand. Pan opens small fire, turn over chow mien slowly the bag is branny become golden till color, notice firepower is papered easily otherwise.
2. is specific baked time is mixed chicken piece size is concerned, I cut about diameter two centimeters, baked 12 minutes, if diameter a centimeter, likelihood 10 minutes enough, those who give out is referenced time only, adjust ~ according to the circumstance of oneself oven
The egg whitening that 3. just uses formerly, I feel to do flour or jade rice starch to go from personal home, gluten allergy is replaced of the problem with coco pink or almond pink.
4. uses cornmeal just is the most delicious! ! ! Those who listen to me is right! ! ! Need not deepfry the quantity of heat that does not care about cornmeal! ! ! Doritos accuses loud cry ~ of the heart

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