Qiu Dongzi fills the practice of soup of chop of yam of lotus root of lotus of old fire beautiful boiling water

Qiu Dongzi fills the practice of soup of chop of yam of lotus root of lotus of old fire beautiful boiling water

Brief introduction

Qiu Dong suits most even if enter filled, but now still is the autumn, unsuited too fill, otherwise very easy get angry, the Shang Shui that so Wen Runzi fills suited most! Divide enjoyed old fire boiling water today, each child child can stew handleless cup make profit of same also profit with report, more not suffer from excessive internal heat!
Lotus lotus root has clear heat cool blood, aperient stop have diarrhoea, be good at lienal the nutrient value of appetizing, lotus root is very high, contain a lot ofthe microelement such as iron, calcium, vegetable protein, vitamin and amylaceous content are very rich also, have apparent benefiting gas blood, enhance action of force of human body immunity. Reason traditional Chinese medical science weighs his: “Advocate the repose in filling, increase effort ” . Hemostatic medicinal powder Yu: Lotus root returns can cool blood, medicinal powder blood, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks its are hemostatic and do not leave Yu, the dietotherapy beautiful that is pyretic blood disease is tasted.
Yam is had be good at a variety of effect such as essence of kidney of lienal, filling lung, solid, beneficial. Can fall intestines and stomach of hematic fat, recuperation, can reduce hypodermic and adipose accumulation,

With makings 

Safflower lotus root

1-2 abridge

Xian Huaishan again renown yam

The quantity of a lotus lotus root

The seed of Job’s tears

A certain number of

Lotus seed

A certain number of


A certain number of


Little little

Qiu Dongzi fills the practice of soup of chop of yam of lotus root of lotus of old fire beautiful boiling water 

  1. The bubble after the seed of Job’s tears is washed clean a few minutes OK, too long nutrition was done not have

  2. Yam flay, section or piece   The section after same lotus lotus root is washed clean

  3. Chop is washed clean throw a scald water

  4. Right amount water is put in boiler, put all stuff, slow fire of the attune after boiling endures 2 hours

  5. After Shang Shui is good, put little little salt to flavor

Small stick person

When choosing lotus lotus root, want to notice: With hypertrophy of lotus root body, the flesh is qualitative fragile tender, washy and sweet, contain faint scent for beautiful. In the meantime, lotus root body should not have not injury, sodden, changeless color, without rusty spot, not drying shrinkage, ceaseless section; With Bao Ni is protected outside lotus root body
Good lotus lotus root has nine opening normally and have light faint scent, won’t strange flavour is beautiful
Normally soup of lotus root of the chop that stew uses safflower lotus root, qing Dynasty fries lotus root piece with Bai Hua lotus root

yam flay stripping and slicing, with brine a bit bubble. Otherwise is about to leave boiler immediately, can blacken otherwise.
According to individual taste, can add bit of red jujube: Filling stomach carries gas yam, plus the seed of Job’s tears and chop with red jujube an infusion is opposite the body is very good, chop cuts chunk

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