Microwave oven bakes the practice of corn

Microwave oven bakes the practice of corn

Brief introduction

Did not find cookbook to be built so. . . This is my chaos Lu actually, did not think of to hold out delicious, put dot chili powder so very hot very hot, eat at the same time at the same time desperately fill water, very delicious nevertheless ah ~~ does not have Zi namely like that pink, otherwise more assist ah ~~ puts what flavoring to have nothing to do with actually, it is good that he like ~~

With makings 





Five sachet

Chili pink


Microwave oven bakes the practice of corn 

  1. Little corn is put water is added to thoroughly cook in boiler

  2. The taste that likes pink of pink of salt, candy, chili, the five spices, pepper by oneself is in small bowl mix up

  3. Enter oil of right amount corn in another bowl

  4. Corn fish out, brush on thin oil, brush again on flavoring (the spoon that I use without the brush. . .

  5. Put microwave oven evaporate to wear, close, press barbecue archives (of my home is barbecue archives, 12 minutes) 6 minutes are taken it is good to break up

Small stick person

The firepower of microwave oven is different, oneself look at a dot, do not bake paste. . .

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