Cucumber egg spends the way of soup

Cucumber egg spends the way of soup

Use raw material of makings 1 ()



One root

Use makings 2 (complementary makings)

Green ginger tiny bit

Gourmet powder



Cucumber egg spends the way of soup 

  1. Cucumber is abluent cut lozenge piece, green ginger cuts filament

  2. Oil is put to burn heat inside boiler, bowl of boil in water for a while of green ginger silk is put after oily heat

  3. Put cucumber piece break up fry a few times, put right amount clear water next

  4. Egg knock enters the break up in the bowl

  5. Shang Kaihou drenchs egg fluid, drive quickly a few times with ladle, flower waiting for an egg shapes to involve fire immediately

  6. Add right amount salt, gourmet powder balm flavors can

Small stick person

Want to make beautiful egg flower, actually very simple, but have a bit crucial also: After the soup in must waiting for boiler is boiling again fluid of beautiful jade egg! Drive a few times with ladle, the egg involves fire on beautiful figuration horse! Movement must fast!

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