Corn carrot the practice of soup

Corn carrot the practice of soup

Brief introduction

Drink much broth, try Na Sushang. Drink readily go down, was full of floral Gan Tian, diffusing light faint scent.

With makings 


1 root


1 root

Candied date or jujube


Corn carrot the practice of soup 

  1. Preparation feeds capable person. Cut small.

    Corn carrot the practice measure of soup 1

  2. Put corn, carrot, candied date or jujube bottle of preserve one’s health, mode of soup of the preserve one’s health that start.
    Must not say, crock of preserve one’s health of this north vessel is really good with.

    Corn carrot the practice measure of soup 2

  3. After waiting 60 minutes, good with respect to Bao ~
    Using arenaceous boiler also is this such time enough oh ~

    Corn carrot the practice measure of soup 3

Small stick person

Whether to add salt to be able to decide according to individual taste, suggest or should not add too much salt (if want to add salt, salt should have boiled Shang Li of the rejoin after cutting off the power in Shang Pin) , because this tasting,do not add salt sweet also and relaxed.

Corn is the sanitarian beautiful in coarse food grain is tasted, very advantageous to the health of human body. Corn contains a lot ofvitamin C to wait, have effect of macrobian, hairdressing. The composition such as the vitamin B6 in corn, nicotinic acid, have exciting stomach bowel peristalsis, carbonado quickly the character that excretes, can prevent and cure cancer of constipation, enteritis, bowel.

Carrot: ? ぱ mansion: Does  of  exemplarying extensive write Qia of midge of dirty of coerce of  of stand upright of exemplarying bandit of cracking excessive  health mire Wen Bu of Shao of  of Yong boundless and indistinct tentativelies ぶ ⅰ ?

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