Carrot fries the practice of Holand beans

Carrot fries the practice of Holand beans

Brief introduction

[miscellaneous greens chaos fries series] one of

Carrot and Holand beans are fragile fragile sweet, color one red one green collocation rises very good-looking also, need not cross much flavoring, relaxed and goluptious, be a simple quick worker spring day cole ~

With makings 


Holand beans

Sesame seed (optional)

Carrot fries the practice of Holand beans 

  1. Carrot is abluent section, holand beans is washed clean pick both ends

  2. Heat up boiler, enter a few oil, carrot and Holand beans fall to break up together after oily heat fry, join a few soy, sprinkle a water, continue conflagration breaks up fry, wait for Holand beans to fry to sleek, impose the fine that nod chicken, transfer into right amount salt can give boiler.

  3. Install dish of Sa Baizhi hemp to decorate

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