The practice that fig sends

The practice that fig sends

Brief introduction

Of a year of one season delicate
Stealthily come stealthily went

With makings

Clique skin: Low pink 200 grams, candy 20 grams, butter 80 grams

Stuffing makings: Butyric cheese 200 grams, candy 60-80 is overcome

Yoghurt 30-40 is overcome (try different thick consistency to adjust

Lemon juice a few

Corn is amylaceous 1 small spoon

Fig section

The practice that fig sends

  1. 1, butter cuts man, with flour, candy mixes, keep with finger rub is ground, into bits shape
    2, add water, with the dough that becomes softness, do not want to be kneaded more. The bag lasts velar cold storage is flabby 20 minutes
    3, cheese bate, add candy to dismiss to suitable slippery without grain. Add yoghurt and lemon juice, mix divide evenly
    Final sieve enters corn starch, cut mix even
    4, become the roll that send a skin big, the shop enters a mould. Flabby 10 minutes
    5, cheese paste enters a mould, again the fig of the section on the shop
    Oven 190 degrees of middle-level, bake 25 minutes or so

    The practice measure that fig sends 1

  2. The bottom that use work does not touch a mould to go to the lavatory quite. Give the drawing of patterns on furnace horse, lest lunt stew is sodden,send a skin

    The practice measure that fig sends 2

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