[small leaves flavour to change

[small    leaves flavour to change] wipe tea crisp cake (without the egg / Vienna style) practice

Brief introduction

Consulted the prescription of crisp cake of beautiful type of small Mr. , weigh butter, without the egg.
Wipe the collocation of tea and almond pink, be without resistance namely!

? About butter?
Just be to ferment formerly butter and common butter each 50g, I am used completely ferment butter

? About almond pink?
Choose the almond pink with petty grain as far as possible please, such sift out rise to go to the lavatory quite

? About wiping tea pink?
Because the roast time of this crisp cake compares general Qu Ji to want to grow, temperature also wants low, choose the Japan with good quality to wipe tea pink please so, high temperature resistant not changeful brown becomes yellow, recommend pill long of hill garden be like bamboo, sexual price is compared tall, color verdure. Additional, cattail alga color is controlled more easily, acrid low, cloud dragon color is emerald green.

? If be first roast?
Stand on oven edge to staring at temperature as far as possible, because wipe tea music to surprise to be baked very easily hair is yellowly, when wanting to begin to become yellow in its brim so, check she! Wonder of music of soft younger sister can be born ~

? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ?
Circular crisp cake 14 (the diameter spends the mouth for the astral form back up of 1cm)
150 degrees, circular crisp cake 35 minutes
? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ? . * . ?

With makings

Without saline butter


Candy pink


Wipe tea pink


Almond pink


Low muscle flour


[small leaves flavour to change] wipe tea crisp cake (without the egg / Vienna style) practice

  1. [preparation works] butter answers room temperature, bate comes to be pressed gently but stamp gives appearance;
    The low muscle flour, pink that wipe tea, almond pink mixes sift out. Almond pink if grain is more apparent, the screen that needs to use bigger mesh is alone sift out, mix with the pink that wipe tea with low pink again; If farinaceous, criterion a sift out;
    Bake dish of shop overlay paper (tinfoil oilpaper all but) ;
    Back up spends the mouth load back up beautiful bag in;
    Oven warm-up reachs 170 degrees, roast temperature 150 degrees

  2. Pink of mixture butter, candy, mix with balata drawknife divide evenly, hit 4-6 with dynamoelectric eggbeater high speed next minute, it is at the same time among agitate basin delimit circlet, turn at the same time agitate basin. If room temperature is exorbitant, need to lie between cold water, continue to dismiss again. Hit butter whiteness fleeciness, contain a lot ofair

  3. Join mix the even low muscle flour, pink that wipe tea, almond pink, mix with balata drawknife divide evenly. After cannot seeing powder, again agitate 5-6 second

  4. The astral form back up that is 1cm into the diameter in traditional Chinese clothes of back up beautiful bag spends the mouth, fill panada next, begin to squeeze ah crowded. Spend the mouth to still have sun look, cherry floriated, those who choose you to like is good. Squeeze the pattern size that give and Bao Houdou to be able to affect roast time nevertheless, do not choose difference to cross big beautiful mouth as far as possible please, or take into consideration the circumstances reduces roast time

  5. Put the oven with good warm-up to bake 35 minutes, because wipe tea chromatically grumous, must not have baked a head. If oven inside and outside level of chromatically of two side crisp cake is different, but halfway will bake dish of transfer quickly 180 degrees make chromatically even

  6. After been bake, take out, put in the refrigeration on refrigeration wearing. After cooling completely, sealed and moistureproof save, as soon as possible edible

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